Las Vegas… Or all the things I don’t like about America condensed in one city

Really.. This place is not for me… maybe its because I was traveling solo on business but it just did not feel right. What’s more, I had the feeling that all the stuff I usually don’t like about the US were emphasized here… Here are a couple of those things that make me go crazy:

Zombies and dumb people: how stupid can you be to be sitting hours behind a machine hitting the same button over and over again??? Get some sleep, talk to your wife and kids and get a life…
Limos: Just because they are so lame..
Bachelor parties: Never been a big fan, never will. Especially not if that involves getting dressed up. 2 thumbs to the 2 meter tall guys wearing orange pants who were all from… The Netherlands. Of course!
Gordon Ramsay: the bloke is on every corner and has a restaurant in every damn hotel in town… Why doesn’t America send him back to Glasgow where he could swear like a dagger and stop annoying everyone with his TV shows and british food!
Shameless half naked ugly girls: There is nothing wrong about half naked girls of course… but some would be better off covered from head to toe. It was not really warm, maybe only around 10° celsius at night but still…
Guys handing out cards for girls: Give me a break! I don’t want your hookers!
People wearing white tuxedos with blue bow ties:  From a fashion perspective, people seem to let go too in Vegas…
Celine Dion: And last but not least…. Celine Dion… Need I say more… I thought I was done with her now that I live in China, but she was even at the CCTV gala for the New Year. And she lives in Vegas. That says it all.
I hope you liked the irony, America I do like you.
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That’s Shanghai!

Ever wondered where I was living ? Even though I’m very often outside of the country on business trips, Shanghai is the city I now call home. And it’s pretty awesome, check it out:

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What’s in a name?

Living in china brings along quite a few astonishments and cultural shocks. But one that I just can’t get enough of is the surprise at English names that sometimes Chinese chose by themselves…

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to sound like one of those expats who consider themselves as being better than locals (even though they are more often just paternalistic pricks) while in the end we are just lucky migrants. Trust me, I make as much fun of the ridiculous tattoos of chinese characters that foreigners seem to have a love affair with…

But here is a list of some of the best names I or my friends have come along over the years:

Benz - Acer – Knight – Princess – Handsome – Monster – Stone – Sunshine – Kool – Power Magic – Wonder – Rambo – Rainbow – Jam – Deniel (yes with an e) – King – Joy – Milk… and the list is endless…

23rd March: An excellent addition to the list, one of the trainer at my gym is named: Zizi… which in french means: dick!

1st of April: the names of the weekend: Jaso (yes no N at the end) – Fish

I’m also surprised that there are not more ridiculous american-gangsta-rapper style names in the list… Snoop Lion…. and the likes…



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