Touching people at every moments

Even though, I have been doing a lot of different things lately, my heart still is in franchising and recently I attended the Franchising and Licensing Asia trade show in Singapore for a full day of conference and round table discussions. The highlight of the day was a very interesting talk by Matthew Heller, Head of Channel Sales, SEA at Google.
I really liked the approach followed in the talk: Google now considers there are different moments (time-for-a-new-purchase-moment, time-to-look-for-a-hotel-moment, etc…) during which the consumers connect with Google as a brand, but as always, Google is a bridge that gets consumers to the brand they are looking for. Google identifies different types of moments: the I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy moments. Check out this video if you are interested to learn more about those moments:

As often, in these talks, what really interests me are some statistics used in the presentation. Here are a few to remember:

  • In Singapore, we check our phone 150 times a day: so there is no way you can afford not to have a presence on the mobile channel, you have 150 opportunities to connect with customers at any of their different moments. If your website is not mobile ready, shame on you!
  • 7 out of 10 people use their mobile to go online. And in some SEA countries, many people use ONLY their mobile to go online (and that’s the case for 31% of Malaysians). So the experience you provide on mobile is of paramount importance! But the purchase process involves multiple screens: you might start by checking a product info on your phone in the morning, then check some reviews on your desktop at work, before finalizing the purchase at home on your phone… So you must be relevant across platforms!
  • Today, more than half of all offline purchase decisions started online! The two first channels for gathering information before a purchase are Search Engine followed by brand website.
  • The good news is that businesses that are online today are likely to grow 40% faster over the next decade.

Overall, I believe that the goal of the keynote has been achieved, well, at least for me, as I now want to know more and do more with AdWords! In the end, it’s a marketer’s dream: adwords provided a very specifically targeted reach, with appropriate relevancy for a very measurable ROI. What’s not to like about this if you are running an SME or a franchise…

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Un service bien rempli!

Pour notre dernier soir à Melbourne nous avions décidé de tenter notre chance dans un Resto populaire de Melbourne qui sert une cuisine moderne et inventive! Et nous n’avons pas été déçus! 


Cumulus Inc. Se trouve au bout de flinders lane, une rue du centre ville qui abrite un bons nombres de restaurant trendys. Nous avons notamment vu des files très longues devant 2 restaurants de la même rue: chin chin et supernormal. Mais faire la queue pendant 1heure voire plus alors que l’on a faim… Très peu pour nous merci! 
On a eu la chance d arriver tôt chez cumulus Inc et on a pu avoir les 2 dernières place au comptoir, face à la cuisine… Une queue s’est rapidement formée derrière nous! 


Niveau boisson, une bière australienne, une IPA, ma favorite du séjour, temple beer IPA. Et ensuite du vin, un sauvignon blanc pas terrible et un excellent grenache du sud de l Australie! Dans nos assiettes, des combinaisons intéressantes mais pas toujours réussies.. Notamment les dattes farcies au chorizo ne nous ont pas convaincu! Par contre, j’ai personnellement bien aimé une petite salade de pommes de terre avec de la truite fumée et de la cressonnette. Des asperges de saison avec un peu de feta sont venues ajouter un peu de printemps dans nos assiettes. Le plat de résistance, bien que très bon, était un peu banal: de l’épaule de porc avec une purée de céleri rave, petit pois et menthe. 

Par contre le dessert était excellent: chocolat fondant et anananas confit avec granite! 
Au final un restaurant avec une excellence atmosphère, de bons plats et un excellent service. Mais on a passé une excellente soiree à regarder le ballet incessant des cuisiniers sous nos yeux, comme en témoigne cette petite vidéo:

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Las Vegas… Or all the things I don’t like about America condensed in one city

Really.. This place is not for me… maybe its because I was traveling solo on business but it just did not feel right. What’s more, I had the feeling that all the stuff I usually don’t like about the US were emphasized here… Here are a couple of those things that make me go crazy:

Zombies and dumb people: how stupid can you be to be sitting hours behind a machine hitting the same button over and over again??? Get some sleep, talk to your wife and kids and get a life…
Limos: Just because they are so lame..
Bachelor parties: Never been a big fan, never will. Especially not if that involves getting dressed up. 2 thumbs to the 2 meter tall guys wearing orange pants who were all from… The Netherlands. Of course!
Gordon Ramsay: the bloke is on every corner and has a restaurant in every damn hotel in town… Why doesn’t America send him back to Glasgow where he could swear like a dagger and stop annoying everyone with his TV shows and british food!
Shameless half naked ugly girls: There is nothing wrong about half naked girls of course… but some would be better off covered from head to toe. It was not really warm, maybe only around 10° celsius at night but still…
Guys handing out cards for girls: Give me a break! I don’t want your hookers!
People wearing white tuxedos with blue bow ties:  From a fashion perspective, people seem to let go too in Vegas…
Celine Dion: And last but not least…. Celine Dion… Need I say more… I thought I was done with her now that I live in China, but she was even at the CCTV gala for the New Year. And she lives in Vegas. That says it all.
I hope you liked the irony, America I do like you.
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